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Daily book draws for CAPT members and much more!

international play therapy week 2023
© 2023 CAPT

During the International Play Therapy Week there will be daily book draws happening for members of the Canadian Association for Play Therapy (CAPT)!

Ensure you keep an eye out on CAPT Facebook page. Entries will be accepted daily at 9:00am (AST) until 4:30pm (AST). The live book draw will happen 6:30pm (AST) on the Facebook page! Discover more initiatives on CAPT's Facebook page:

  • get your very own Play Therapy Week T Shirt;

  • join CAPT on February 6 for its first Virtual Meet and Greet Social;

  • use the hashtag 'playisseriouswork' and post pictures of the fun and creative things you are doing to celebrate and promote Play Therapy.

CAPT is a board member of the IC-PTA. Visit the website

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