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The IC-PTA operates nationally and internationally by collaborating with other national and international associations and organizations, employing its members and other professional figures. The IC-PTA pursues, promotes, and encourages the following objectives (Art. 2 - Mission):

  • define minimum, quantitative and qualitative criteria to meet the requirements for designations in Play Therapy and Therapeutic Play sectors;

  • connect National Play Therapy Associations (NPTAs) and individual persons which aim for quality professional practice, training and supervision in their countries;

  • establish the prerequisites to become and remain Member of the IC-PTA;

  • support the establishment and growth of NPTAs included in the IC-PTA;

  • assist legal entities and individual persons in the application of the minimum criteria set for the designations in Play Therapy and Therapeutic Play sectors through training, practice and supervision in their countries;

  • provide support on ethical issues related to the application of quality.

You can read the Bylaw in full by clicking here.

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