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Joining the IC-PTA is simple! Annual fee payment for Associate Members (50 Swiss francs/50 Euro) can be made at any time by PayPal or credit card (note: you can pay by credit card using the PayPal link even if you do not have a PayPal account). Click the button below: "Membership Application - Individuals".


Operating Members may join the Association only by invitation of the Board of Directors. Annual fee payment can be made by bank transfer using the details below (*).

The IC-PTA also accepts one-time donations via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

(*) Owner of the account: International Academy for Play Therapy (currently hosting the IC-PTA account)
Address: Via General Guisan 2, 6962 Lugano, Switzerland

Bank name: PostFinance SA
Bank address: Mingerstrasse 20, 3030 Bern, Switzerland
IBAN: CH27 0900 0000 6915 6271 2, BIC (SWIFT-Code): POFICHBEXXX, Object: "IC-PTA"


Each legal entity and individual person can, by paying the annual social contribution, become an Associate Member. Applications for any type of membership must be sent in writing to the Board of Directors that deliberates on the admission. The IC-PTA is made up of four types of Membership (Art. 5 - Types of Membership):

1. Founding Members (without voting rights): individual persons who signed the IC-PTA'S Constitutive Act, and those who subsequently and with the unquestionable and unappealable resolution of the Board of Directors will be admitted with this qualification in relation to their effective work in favor of the IC-PTA.

2. Operating Members (with voting rights): the legal entities who adhere to the bylaw, provide free and/or remunerated services according to the methods established by the Board of Directors and pay the annual social contribution. The Operating Members include the Board of Directors.

3. Honorary Members (without voting rights): the legal entities and individual persons that have acquired particular merits for their work in favor of the IC-PTA or who are unable to be an effective part of it by express regulatory prohibition.

4. Associate Members (without voting rights): the legal entities and individual persons who share the aims of the IC-PTA by contributing to its activity for free and by paying the annual social contribution and any other donations, including in kind, by renouncing the right to vote.

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