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Operating Members are legal non-profit entities that are National Play Therapy Associations (NPTA). They adhere to the IC-PTA Bylaw and provide free and/or remunerated Play Therapy services according to the methods established by the Board of Directors. All Operating Members, which includes the Board of Directors, make up the Social Assembly. The Board of Directors deliberates on the admission of Operating Members to the IC-PTA.


Irish Association for Play Therapy & Psychotherapy

IAPTP is a professional body for Play Therapists & Psychotherapists in Ireland. Our aim is to define, promote and maintain professional standards of excellence in Play Therapy & Psychotherapy. Our work promotes best practice and the development of the profession as well as safeguarding the public. IAPTP represents the interests of both client and therapist in the field of Play Therapy & Psychotherapy in Ireland.

Association representatives:


  • Sorca McGrath (MA, SIAPTP MIAPTP (IRE), MIPD (UK) ECIP (EU))

  • Irish Association of Play Therapy & Psychotherapy Facebook
  • Irish Association of Play Therapy & Psychotherapy Instagram

Association for Taiwan Play Therapy

ATPT is a non-profit Play Therapy association founded in 2005. The main purpose of ATPT is to promote Play Therapy in Taiwan by providing training, play therapist certification, promoting research, and connecting with international associations.

Association representatives:

  • Ya~Ting Juang (Ph.D., LCP, LCP-S, CPT, CPT-S, President of ATPT)

  • Chiao-Feng Chung (Ph.D., LCP, CPT-S, CCPT-S, CPRT-S, SEP, Board Director of ATPT)

  • Association for Taiwan Play Therapy Facebook

Korean Association for Play Therapy

KAPT was established as a non-profit organization in 1997, making it the first play therapy association in South Korea. The KAPT conducts research on play therapy, trains professionals, and supports therapists-in-training. The KAPT is dedicated to enhancing the mental health of children, adolescents, and their families.

Association representatives:

  • Eunah Lee (PhD, LPC-S, RPT-S™ APT & RPT-S KAPT South Korea)

  • Ji Eun Baek (PhD, RPT-S KAPT South Korea)

  • Korean Association for Play Therapy Instagram
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