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Annual APTI Conference: Intangible Dynamics in the Play Therapy Process by Dr. Sue C. Bratton

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Why is an in-dept understanding of the intangible dynamics of the play therapy process critical to the child's healing? The child's often complex journey towards healing can be facilitated or hindered by subtle dynamics in the play therapy process that are often difficult to observe or teach, including the play therapist's understanding of and response to significant issues related to the therapist, the child, the relationship, and therapeutic structuring.

On the occasion of the Annual Conference organized by the APTI in Rome, Italy on May 29, 2022 these issues and other difficult/challenging moments from participants' experiences have been explored in an interactive and exploratory workshop presented by Dr. Sue C. Bratton. This important topic will make the subject of an article in the next issue of APTI's play therapy magazine (Rivista di Play Therapy) available in fall 2022.

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