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APT invites you to get involved in the Play Therapy Around The World activity!

international play therapy week 2023
© 2023 APT

The Play Therapy Around The World activity organized by the Association for Play Therapy (APT) will be completed throughout the entire week. Participants will complete each item on their checklist using the social media hashtags # playtherapyweek2023 and # playtherapyAroundTheWorld. Both hashtags must be used to qualify for one of three prizes.

Visit the International Play Therapy Week page to view the Play Therapy Around The World Activity Guidelines for the daily activities and posts you must complete.

On the last day of International Play Therapy Week (Saturday, February 11, 2023), submit your completed checklist to Melissa Villegas at Please note, only those who completed the full checklist will be entered into a raffle for one of three prizes:

  • $50 APT Store gift certificate

  • $75 VISA gift card

  • $150 VISA gift card

APT is a board member of the IC-PTA. Visit the website

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